Whether you want to improve a backyard play set or a large playground, IntelliTurf offers a lawn system second to none.  Our synthetic turf system eliminates wood chips, gravel, ground tires and mud.  We solve the issues of “high traffic playgrounds.”

Lead free and 100% recyclable, IntelliTurf lawn systems are much more attractive, last longer and solve many safety issues.

  • IntelliTurf Playground systems feature no ground rubber infill.  Our design utilizes a playground pad that is installed underneath the lawn.  The infill we use in the turf is sand as opposed to ground up tire byproduct.
  • Our system will meet “head fall” requirements of the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA).  Depending on the thickness of the playground pad installed, requirements can be met up to a twelve foot fall.
  • Antimicrobial “topping” infill is another unique feature of IntelliTurf.  This infill inhibits the growth of microbes such as bacteria, fungi, or viruses.

Did you know?

Most artificial turf playground surfaces do not comply with manufacturer’s fall height requirements.  Material gets displaced and many playground surfaces simply wear out.  IntelliTurf playground surface is made to last for years of recommended compliance.