Backyard putting greens made from artificial turf are not the concrete covered products of the 1970’s. Backyard putting greens perform like natural grass golf greens found on the best golf courses in the world. Minimal maintenance, no watering, no need for aeration are just some benefits of backyard putting greens.

“I have always wanted to live where one could practice shots in one’s pyjamas before breakfast…”
Dr. Alister MacKenzie, Architect of Augusta National Golf Club and Cypress Point Golf Club

“Your long game will determine the highest number you are going to shoot and your short game will determine the lowest number you are going to shoot.”
Dr. Bob Rotella, Sports Psychologist

Improve your short game and your property by installing “The Perfect Amenity” – a backyard putting green by IntelliTurf.

IntelliTurf has roots that date back 10 years. We are veterans of in the synthetic turf industry. Our construction knowledge, turf products and lifelong history of golf elevate us above the competition. From design concepts, to the installation process, to the support services we provide long after your backyard putting green has helped build many wonderful memories; IntelliTurf is an easy choice.

With installations in Europe, the Caribbean and across the U.S. our satisfied clients enjoy the game of golf where it was not possible just a few years ago. Over 50 Tour players now have synthetic greens in their backyards. Many individuals have removed natural grass greens after thousands of dollars and countless hours spent attempting to match the quality of their golf club’s greens. Our surfaces rival private club greens and require virtually no maintenance making the choice between natural grass or the IntelliTurf system simple.

Backyard putting greens are great for all ages. Children can run around, hit shots and play all types of games on backyard putting greens. Adults can get serous about improvement with a great practice area right out the back door with a backyard putting green. Contact IntelliTurf about our artificial turf products, backyard putting greens and “The Perfect Amenity” today.