Golf Courses

The ultimate use of synthetic grass could be the golf greens we construct.  The term putting green is used by most people searching for an artificial turf golf surface but the fact is, IntelliTurf putting greens are actually synthetic grass golf greens that can hold a shot from 180 yards away.  Anyone with a little [...]

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Backyard Putting Greens

Golf shots in the backyard are not only possible, IntelliTurf has been installing these amenities since the late 1990's.  Chipping the ball close to the hole could be the easiest and fastest way to lower your score, an IntelliTurf backyard golf green is the solution to a lower handicap. In today's busy world, getting to [...]

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Driving Ranges

IntelliTurf offers a tee surface that is perfect for your driving range.  Our tee surfaces are more resilient than other synthetic tee surfaces and react more realistically than mats.  Tee up your driver or hit a punch iron shot, our surface performs like natural grass without all the maintenance expense.  We have satisfied customers from [...]

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