Golf Short Game Practice Area made from IntelliTurf Synthetic Grass

Enjoy the video on a very special project for Limestone College in Gaffney, SC.  Their new on campus short game practice facility located adjacent to the golf house is the ultimate amenity for any college golfer.  Undulating, challenging while also offering practical practice for the most important part of the game when trying to produce low scores in stroke play events.

Chipping, pitching, putting and bunker work can all be accomplished.  The three bunkers offer various degrees of difficulty and depth presenting these student athletes with real world examples they will face during tournaments throughout their careers.  Six tees surround the green offering numerous looks and feels for chipping and pitching practice.  The fringe turf flares out from the edge of the green in multiple areas so that bump and run chips are not left off the practice list.

Jack Nicklaus is known for saying the most important club in the bag is the Driver.  If you can’t get the ball in play off the tee then you have no chance of scoring well in stroke play events.  Once the fairway is reached the next portion of the game that has to be conquered is the short game.

Dr. Bob Rotella teaches – the long game will determine the highest number you are going to shoot and the short game will determine the lowest number you are going to shoot.

Alister McKenzie, the great golf architect was quoted as saying “I have always wanted to live where one could hit golf shots in one’s pajamas before breakfast.”  While not a great idea for a college campus, the convenience factor in which he was alluding is now ever present at the Golf House on the Limestone College campus.

Working on the short game just a few steps from classrooms right on campus gives Limestone College golf team members a true edge over the competition.   The golf house offers not just offices for the coaches but a sanctuary and bonding opportunity for both men’s and women’s golf teams.  Building team unity while honing short game mastery through practice and competition right on campus is a dream come true for any golf coach.

These projects are special and take a big effort from alumni and donors to the program.  Limestone College is fortunate to have numerous people who love and support their Saints.

IntelliTurf would like to thank all those involved who made this terrific short game practice facility a reality.