Why Design Matters.

Every layer in a synthetic grass project is interdependent, much like constructing a building. From the ground up, each step impacts the next, with lasting effects.

We start with the end in mind, designing based on the intended use. For instance, an office building’s lawn differs vastly from a pet resort, a golf green, or a sports field. Usage dictates water management, padding, infill, turf type, layout, slopes, base materials, and logistics.

Grass365’s comprehensive construction process includes demolition, drainage setup, base and turf installation, and cleanup.

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The Process is Everything.

Our design goal is to provide a beautiful synthetic grass solution.


Our design goal is to provide a beautiful solution that aligns with the budget, adheres to the project timeline, meets safety standards, serves its functional purpose, and ensures long-lasting durability.


We develop water management systems to handle water flow efficiently and protect property from water-related issues. This process includes identifying water sources, understanding flow patterns, and evaluating current drainage systems, climate considerations, and sustainability practices.

We develop water management systems to handle synthetic grass drainage.
We carefully select unqiue synthetic grass materials for each project.


The careful selection of materials is critical to our design process. Making informed choices about the type of base construction, turf selection, whether padding is needed, and infill options is essential to ensure a project’s long-term performance and durability.


Our logistics approach is efficient and eco-friendly. We value fostering positive relationships with property owners and their neighbors and carefully preserve driveways, walkways, plant life, and structural integrity.

Our synthetic grass logistics approach is efficient and eco-friendly.
Learn why design matters in a synthetic grass project.

Design that Transforms

Grass365 designs beautiful landscapes for residential and commercial properties tailored to enhance the area’s look and functionality.

Learn more about Grass365's premium synthetic grass, SealTuft.

Innovative Synthetic Grass

Grass365 stands at the forefront of synthetic grass technology, having engineered our premium product, SealTuft, which sheds water ten times faster than traditional artificial turf.

Grass365's synthetic grass installation processes are efficient, reliable, and flawless.

Expert Installation

Grass365’s installation processes are efficient, reliable, and flawless. We ensure that every project is executed with the utmost attention to detail.

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