Why the Synthetic Grass Matters.

All synthetic grass looks great for the first 12 months, but will it last? Most artificial turf is based on a 50+-year-old technology that uses a lot of petroleum-based polymers, drains poorly, doesn’t hold up, and is harmful to the environment. That’s why we engineered our premium synthetic grass. We call it SealTuft. SealTuft is different from traditional artificial turf. It drains faster, holds up better, and is 100% recyclable.

Modern Technology
Most Others
50+ Year Old Technology
Water Drainage
1,000 Inches/Hour
Most Others
30 Inches/Hour
Climate Control
Stays cooler in hot and warmer in cold temperatures
Most Others
Look & Feel
It looks and feels grass-like
Most Others
It's green but can feel artificial
1 Step - 100% Recyclable
Most Others
Multiple Steps and only around 30% Recyclable
Country Manufactured
Most Others
Mostly USA and China

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20 Million Sq. Ft. and Counting!

We take pride in successfully installing over 20 million square feet of recyclable synthetic grass – a testament to the quality and durability of our products. SealTuft, our latest product, spans various climates and environments, proving its versatility and resilience. SealTuft recyclable synthetic grass highlights include:

Durability and Longevity
Customer Satisfation
Expert Installation
Innovative Technology
Diverse Climate Adaptability
Consistent Aesthetic Appeal
Learn why design matters in a synthetic grass project.

Design that Transforms

Grass365 designs beautiful landscapes for residential and commercial properties tailored to enhance the area’s look and functionality.

Learn more about Grass365's premium synthetic grass, SealTuft.

Innovative Synthetic Grass

Grass365 stands at the forefront of synthetic grass technology, having engineered our premium product, SealTuft, which sheds water ten times faster than traditional artificial turf.

Grass365's synthetic grass installation processes are efficient, reliable, and flawless.

Expert Installation

Grass365’s installation processes are efficient, reliable, and flawless. We ensure that every project is executed with the utmost attention to detail.

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