Synthetic Grass for your School

Mason Preparatory school in Charleston showed how to raise money for a specific project.  A sign located in the front entryway had two pictures, one of a dirt field – “This is what your kids soccer field will look like without your donation” and the other with the caption – “With your Donation”.


dirt soccer field

Without your Donation

soccer field synthetic grass

With your Donation.

Along with numerous emails and FaceBook posts this simple sign (complete with a small sample of turf tacked on the corner) showing a specific product with before and potential after images and a progress bar to their goal was all it took to clean up this great eyesore of a play area.

This proves if you give a group of interested and concerned people a specific goal and a specific target, most good ideas can become a reality.

IntelliTurf installed around 10,000 square feet of synthetic grass with a sports field pad below.  We do not use crumb rubber infill but a natural grain sand.  We cushion the surface with a pad beneath the synthetic grass.  The results compared to most synthetic grass fields and play areas are simply amazing.  A great surface that is cushioned is obviously much better than the hard dirt that used to exist.

You may have heard of some concerns with crumb rubber and possible links to cancer.  We have no idea if any of this is true or not, IntelliTurf has always steered clear of crumb rubber on any school campus or outdoor playground.  Crumb rubber floats in big rains, sticks to children’s socks.  Crumb Rubber ends up scattered all across the school, inside the buildings and even into parents vehicles.  We have had mothers call us to ask how to get crumb rubber out of their clothes washing machines.

IntelliTurf has always installed a padding below the turf to provide cushioning for play areas and fall height ratings in the fall zone for playground equipment.  We can satisfy any fall height rating necessary to make the playground surface perform to the highest standards.

In addition to the padded synthetic grass playground, we removed the old basketball play court, cleaned the asphalt and installed a new court.

Trouble occurred when Hurricane Irma came calling.  The peninsula in Charleston is known to flood with every extreme high tide, add hurricane rains and you have potential for a real disaster.  While the court shifted on top of the turf, the synthetic grass was in great condition, after the storm you could even see debris marks from how high the flood waters came above the main drains.  The drains never failed because they had the perfect cover to keep them flowing – IntelliTurf synthetic grass.

We were all a little nervous as the storm came and went, but as soon as the water subsided, the IntelliTurf play area was ready for students.  Putting the court back in place was not a huge ordeal, it simply took a few hours to clean the asphalt and then we slid it back into place.  Other than a good blowing debris off, this installation was as good as new.

Mason Prep has a great synthetic grass playground area that has handled a hurricane, great new court for basketball and four square, a clean building and some very happy students.