On-Campus Golf Short Game Practice Greens

Synthetic Grass Golf Greens can hold shots, putt and perform just like natural grass.  Undulating slopes and bunkers of various depths can be created using artificial turf specifically designed for golf.  Your golf team members can drastically improve their short game by having  golf short game practice greens right on campus to pitch, chip and putt.

One recent installation on campus for a college golf team has made it so easy to stop by during the day and between classes that the coach estimates each team member is getting on average 90 minutes of short game practice time that they otherwise would not be able to accomplish.

Overview of the problem:

Here are a couple of thoughts about golf and universities.  There are very few college or university owned golf courses that are profitable.  Most don’t have the budgets for championship golf so what does exists is poor quality practice areas and the ability to simulate tournament conditions is rarely met.  Less than ideal conditions and a drain on the budgets of either the school or the municipality creates a bad situation.  One solution is what IntelliTurf calls On Campus Golf.  Golf Short Game Practice Areas that deliver on quality, design as well as small maintenance requirements is exactly what most college or university campuses need.  Almost all schools have an area on campus that could be used for golf and such a facility would do wonders for the team, recruiting and not to mention the beauty of a bunkered golf green on campus.

Tournament golf, especially stroke play tournament golf, requires a stellar short game.  The ability to get the ball up and down is the most important aspect of shooting low scores.  Most golf teams utilize local clubs or municipal courses for qualifying and practice rounds.  Almost all of those facilities were not designed for short game practice.  If a driving range does exist the short game is mostly ignored with just some simple targets off a level lie.  The practice greens next to the clubhouse rarely resemble the slopes and undulations that are actually found on the course and many do not allow chipping.  If a chipping area is present, many times the college teams are not allowed to use them or they are kept in less than ideal condition.

The most prominent golf clubs will have great golf short game practice greens.  If your team is fortunate enough to have the ability to access one of these special places, normally it can be a 20 to 60 minute drive from campus.  When you are able to get on a high end club with great short game practice areas, not always are you allowed to bring the entire team.

The Solution:

No matter what your current circumstances look like, all golf teams need a close or on campus short game practice facility designed to practice the pitches, chips, bunker shots and putts the athletes will actually come across at tournaments.  School campuses that have anything golf related are few and far between.  The fortunate schools who do have practice facilities also normally have scores that reflect the ability to use such a convenient tool.  The bad news is those that don’t have a short game practice area that is great in both quality and convenience also have scores and tournament results that reflect this reality.

If your campus does not have golf short game practice greens specifically designed for the golf team to use at its leisure with all types of chips, pitches and putts they will face when competing in tournaments, your teams scores and results will suffer.  How can you expect to compete with another team that on average their student athletes are getting around 90 minutes of daily short game practice to which your team does not have easy access?

Our Experience:

IntelliTurf is here to help.  Our background is golf greens, working all across the US, Europe and the Caribbean, installing golf practice areas for almost 20 years now, we are the company you want to help design, raise money and install a superb short game practice area.  These installations require little maintenance while delivering a short game experience only the best clubs in the country can match.


Not having to mow, water, fertilize, aerate or have a degree in golf course maintenance is required when looking at a college or university maintaining a great conditioned golf practice area.  We design and install golf greens, bunkers, chipping areas from fringe and other turfs that look, feel, react and play like natural grass.  We feel our installations and the resulting golf conditions are better than almost all public golf facilities and rival the conditions of the best private clubs.

All that is required from your facilities and grounds maintenance crews is to maintain the natural grass around the outside of the fringe just as they are maintaining natural grass around campus.  If the budget and funds are available maybe a few areas of natural grass are kept in and at fairway conditions, but this is not necessary.  Artificial turf golf greens and short game practice areas require no more maintenance than an outdoor basketball court or tennis court.  They just need to be blown off and the surrounding grass needs to be mown during the growing season.  In most cases these installations would actually reduce the area of natural grass that is being maintained currently.

How to Raise the Money:

We have seen great results when a specific project like this is outlined, detailed and explained to the alumni and supporters of the program.  This is a process where we help first identify an area. Then the golf coaches work with IntelliTurf designers to come up with the ideal layout that meets the specific needs and desires the coach has for golf short game practice greens and the teams needs.

Finally a presentation is put together complete with specific design images showing the location, look and feel of the short game practice facility.  Renderings can be created that give the people who will help fund the project a very real sense of how their money is going to be spent.

To help actually get money donated, the monetary goal can be announced and many ideas and programs can be explored.  Numerous corporations have set aside funds to match employee charitable and non-profit giving.   These donations sometimes are even matched at rations of 2 or 3 to 1, meaning every dollar someone gives, the employing corporation may add two to three times that amount in support.

We have walked this path with schools and colleges and would be honored to help you investigate the needed short game practice facility on your campus.

Benefits – Golf Short Game Practice Greens

  • Give your student athletes 90 extra minutes a day of convenient short game practice
  • See your scores go down and your tournament results rise to the top with golf short game practice greens
  • Recruiting will now have a facility to attract and host your top targets
  • Players will work on holes in their game that would otherwise not get the necessary attention
  • The results from an On Campus Golf installation will be revealed in additions to the trophy case

Please contact IntelliTurf today and let’s get the design started. 800-490-2971