Synthetic Grass for Hotels

Do you have a resilient landscape solution for your Hotel landscape?

Spruce up your entryways, reduce maintenance costs and have a year round perfect lawn with IntelliTurf’s Synthetic Grass for Hotels.  From event spaces to dog play areas, playgrounds for children or simply enhance the look and feel when your guests arrive, Synthetic Grass is the perfect choice for any hotel.

Save Money

Eliminate maintenance costs both interior and exterior by installing Synthetic Grass.  Synthetic grass installations are a one time expense that perform for your property for a decade or more. The inside of the building will remain cleaner and therefore require less maintenance as well, we have seen this at schools and churches where IntelliTurf has dealt with high traffic rundown areas that bring the outside mess indoors.

Help the Environment

There are many reasons to look at synthetic grass for hotels.  These artificial turf installations save water and eliminate the emissions required to properly maintain natural grass.  For those truly interested in helping the environment, IntelliTurf’s synthetic grass for hotels is backed with a fabric that results in the only 100% 1-Step recyclable synthetic grass.

The turf fibers, primary backing, hot melt glue and the fabric secondary backing are all part of the polyolefin plastics family of which thousands of products are made.    Not only do we save thousands of gallons of water, at the end of its life cycle, IntelliTurf synthetic grass for hotels does not have to end up in a land fill like all other synthetic grasses.

Work with the best Turf Company

IntelliTurf has been around much longer than most artificial turf companies with a history dating back to the late 1990’s.  With locations around the country and experience in Europe and the Caribbean, we have the ability to help your company anywhere you need our synthetic grass.

IntelliTurf Synthetic Grass for Hotels is not your normal synthetic grass.  We have the very best yarn in the industry with 3 dimensional blade shapes that reflect less light and stand up to high traffic.  These fibers are also up to 17 degrees cooler than traditional synthetic grass.  All these benefits and it is made right here in the USA.

Synthetic Grass for Hotels

IntelliTurf Synthetic Grass for Hotels is the only choice you should consider for your next development, next years budget and many types of new amenities.   Our turf will enhance your properties with year round, beautiful and low maintenance synthetic grass.  You will reduce the water bill, reduce your maintenance costs and deliver to your guests a much more memorable experience compared to the competition up the street.

Adding synthetic grass to your Hotel is a great choice and IntelliTurf is the company to help you enhance your properties.  Contact us today and let’s start the conversation to help your properties and your business.