Lawn Tennis on the Perfect Lawn

Create the best grass or clay courts for tennis from IntelliTurf’s synthetic grass tennis court kit.  Costs of synthetic grass or artificial turf tennis courts can be found at our online web store at

By altering the height of the sand that is filled in the synthetic grass tennis court kit, you can alter the speed of the ball.  We have heard from pros that these courts are softer than hard courts and can play slow like clay or fast like hard courts or natural grass.  Using different color infill sand can also add to the look and fell of the court.  Either clay or green sand is available at a premium for synthetic grass tennis courts but white sand is the most common fill when installing an artificial turf tennis court surface.

The synthetic grass for the tennis court kits is about 1/2 of an inch tall and the infill for these tennis surfaces is between .5 millimeters and 1 millimeter.  The infill is round and non-porous which allows for extremely quick-draining so the artificial tennis court surface is ready to be played on at a faster rate than other tennis court surfaces.

Clay surfaces such as The French Open are possible with our red clay tennis court kit.  Options of infilling with clay-colored sand, white sand or a combination are all possibilities.  To help slow the surface and create the ability to slide, the synthetic grass tennis court fibers would be overfilled so that the ball and the player come in contact with more sand than the artificial turf fibers that make up the court.

For a natural grass look and feel similar to Wimbledon tennis courts the option of using green sand is available but you would not fill the artificial turf tennis court fibers to the top so the ball and the player would contact the turf fibers more than the sand.

If the tennis player wanted a hard court speed or look, green turf with the fibers filled just to the top of the artificial turf tennis court surface would deliver this result.

Har Tru colored tennis courts are available as a custom option but will require some wait time and around a 20% premium over the basic clay or green kit.

Also available are custom tennis court kits with the choice of green courts and clay surroundings or clay courts with green surroundings.  This also adds about a 20% premium for synthetic grass courts that are not simply one color.

We keep clay and green tennis court kits in stock and ready to ship all year round.

Maintenance of synthetic grass tennis courts is minimal but totally maintenance-free.  Redistribution of the infill, removal of debris and periodic grooming of the turf fibers keeps your artificial turf tennis court looking and playing like new.