The Best Turf in the Business

Grass!365is the world’s best synthetic grass for your home or business. Our turf is the most durable and life-like artificial grass on the market, so you can enjoy it for years to come. We have installed hundreds of synthetic grass putting greens and yards across the United States and abroad, so chances are good that we can show you one or more of our installations at a location near you.


All synthetic grass looks great for 6 months, but most don’t stand the test of time. Our turf is manufactured in Dalton, Georgia – the carpet capital of the world. We use the best materials and follow the highest manufacturing standards in the industry to ensure our artificial turf really is ‘The Best Turf in the Business.’

Turf & Turf Backing

At Grass!365, we use the best yarns and backing systems to ensure our turf is more durable and life-like than anything on the market. Our turf is built with a 3-dimensional blade that provides many benefits, including holding its shape, reducing reflection of light for a more natural look, and reducing heat output. Our turf incorporates heat reduction technology that uses color and polymers in the yarn to deliver a cooler surface than traditional synthetic grass. Last but not least, our turf backing system is made of a Nonwoven Geotextile Polypropylene Fabric that delivers superior drainage while not sacrificing the tuft bind properties that hold our yarn in place.

Turf Product Options

We offer a wide variety of turf products to match the needs of almost any customer project. We offer dozens of different turf products that come in different colors,  weights, heights and sizes, but your Grass!365 salesperson will recommend the right turf for your project based on what you need. Some of our most popular synthetic grass products include:

  • Artificial lawn turf with brown thatch woven into the lower portion of turf for an authentic look and feel
  • Golf putting green turf that can hold a golf shot and putts like a real golf green
  • Pet turf that stands up to heavy traffic, drains well and doesn’t stain or change color
  • Playground turf that incorporates a 1-inch to 2-inch padding for added safety and protection


In addition to manufacturing the best turf product in the industry, one of the secrets to our success is the skill of our installation teams. Installing artificial turf is a complex process that involves a rock base, pebbles, sand, and padding to ensure our synthetic grass systems work as they should. Most installations can be completed in less than a week. Check out our installation video below.

Environmentally Friendly

Our Synthetic Grass is made up of ingredients that are all part of the Polyolefin family of plastics. Many other companies claim their turf can be recycled, but we were the first to offer a full line of 100% 1-step recyclable Synthetic Grass. From Bleach Bottles to the insides of Babies Diapers, Recycled Polyolefin can be found in hundreds of everyday products.

Installation Video

Good for the Environment

Water Friendly

Synthetic grass installations can greatly reduce water consumption, which is good for the environment and great for your budget.

100% Recyclable

For almost 2 decades now IntelliTurf and its predecessors have worked with people and businesses in many parts of the world. From products to service to installation, please let us know where we are needed and we will find your best solution.

ADA Compliant

Our surfaces are great for senior housing, school and churches where ADA compliant surfaces are mandatory. Beautiful green grass made from synthetic turf that you can easily roll a wheelchair over will provide a wonderful experience for these special residents and visitors.