Grass!365 with SealTuft 

We don’t use the word Innovation lightly.  We feel we have an obligation to our customers our business owners and our employees and to our planet to Evolve the Synthetic Grass industry through innovative thinking and products.  Engineering that pushes boundaries and Thought that brings solutions.  Stronger, Faster, Recycle, Better! We do this 365 days a year to deliver to you Grass!365.

SealTuft was born from our dedication to our craft and the culmination of research and development with a need to deliver something beyond a next step transformation.  Always with a goal of recyclability and superiority, SealTuft Superior Synthetic Grass delivers over 1,000 inches per hour of drainage while providing a stronger bind.

We look forward to showing you why SealTuft is the only choice when it comes to choosing synthetic grass.  It is Stronger, sheds water Faster and it is 100% 1-Step Recyclable.  All this adds up to Better, 365 days a year.

40+ year old technology

Urethane Hole Punched is the Industry Standard

Stronger – Faster – Better