Dog Turf by IntelliTurf is the only solution you need for your home or business.

Are you tired of all the dirt, debris and mud your dog brings in the house when they return from outside? What if a product existed that was safe and beautiful and could deliver a resilient surface for your dog to play. Dog Turf by IntelliTurf is the answer.
Many of our homeowner clients have told us their pets relate the carpet in the yard with the carpet in the house and many train themselves to use the landscape beds or other areas in the yards. IntelliTurf Dog Turf is safe and easy to maintain. The dog turf can be disinfected with bleach or other agents and is easy to pick up after a mess is made.

Most homes and business have areas that need to stay clean that are located right next to where dogs play. Operating and examining rooms are often right next to entrances and exits of dog runs and play areas. In the home, kitchens are either right next to the back door or just off the garage. Both the kitchen and the animal clinics must be kept clean for numerous reasons. If the play surface or the backyard is wet, worn or overused, the interior areas will become dirty every day and are a nightmare to keep clean.

Dog turf is 100% recyclable and lead free and is a wonderful way for you to enjoy your dogs and welcome them into your home after a run in the yard.